6 Factors that may impact your auto insurance rate.

When it comes to car insurance not all prices are the same, some differ from state to state and driver to driver. There are many different factors that come into play when you’re looking at getting car insurance. All companies are different so it’s your job to check around and find the best price. Here are some factors that are included when you’re shopping around that you need to remember.

  1. DRIVING HISTORY. If you have been involved in numerous wrecks that are considered an at fault accident on your part then you’re going to have experience insurance. Also if you have tickets on your record that’s going to increase your cost as well. These will typically for all your record but it times some time. So start by watching your speed and watching yourself and other drivers around you.
  2. DEDUCTIBLES & DISCOUNTS. If you’re looking for the cheapest full coverage choosing a higher deductible will always decrease your rate. Just remember you’re subject to your deductible if an event of a loss. You can also save on car insurance if you ask for discounts. AAA offers many discounts for auto policy such as a multi-policy discount, advanced shopping discount, multi-policy discount, good student discount, defensive driver discount, smart trek device discount, and many others so just ask! We want to give you the most discounts to help your rate.
  3. AGE, MARITAL STATUS, AND GENDER. So typically if you’re young and single you’re going to have higher car insurance than if you were older and married. Let’s face it young drivers are more of a risk to insure cause of speeding and wrecks. Also if you’re a female you might have cheaper insurance than what a male would have. Sorry men females get it a little easier in the insurance world.
  4. CREDIT HISTORY. Data has shown that people with a higher credit score have fewer claims. It’s really important to get your credit score up so it will help your rate.
  5. PREVIOUS INSURANCE. Last thing that will determine your insurance rate is your previous insurance coverage. If you ever let your coverage lapse or cancel this will hurt your rate. So pay your insurance on time and don’t let it cancel or expire.

There are many factors that determine what your rate will be when it comes to auto insurance. It all comes down to the person wanting insurance. Do your part and see what discounts are offered and make sure your driving history and credit are in check. We want the best possible rate for you so remember that. If looking for auto insurance call us for a quote 918-872-8105.