Motorcycle Insurance

The state of Oklahoma requires that all motorcyclists carry insurance covering accidents and injuries while on their motorcycles. Whether you’ve just purchased your first motorcycle, or whether you’re an experienced driver looking for a better rate, the last thing you want to worry about while you’re on the road is whether or not you’ll be able to afford an accident. The experts at Charvat Insurance Agency can help you insure your beloved bike with the best Oklahoma motorcycle insurance plan for you.

The Charvat Insurance Agency offers motorcycle insurance policies for riders of both two-wheel and three-wheel bikes. As with auto insurance, the cost of your motorcycle insurance coverage can depend on a number of considerations, including the type of bike itself, your location, driving record, age, and a number of other factors.

Our motorcycle insurance policies cover a variety of bikes:

  • Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Classic, standard, and custom motorcycles
  • Trikes
  • Cruisers
  • Street bikes and more

Aside from simply handling the cost of repair or replacement of your bike in the event of an accident, our Oklahoma  motorcycle insurance policies cover other typical expenses that occur during vehicle accidents, including:

  • Costs associated with bodily injury to yourself or others involved in the accident
  • Costs of any property damage you caused with your motorcycle
  • Costs associated with motorcycle theft or vandalism
  • Costs of damage sustained while your bike is in storage (e.g. water or smoke damage).

Ride on in confidence! Let the Charvat Insurance Agency find an affordable motorcycle insurance policy tailored to your specific needs that allows you to do just that.
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